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Patient Centered Care

We make you our top priority. Need to ask a question, worried about dressings or something else post op? We will always be at your beck and call.


If sedation or general anaesthetic is required, it is delivered by an accredited anaesthetist

Highly Skilled

Highly skilled Fellowship Trained Plastic surgeon – know you are in the safest of hands with a Plastic Surgeon who is experienced, highly respected, and appointed at premier US Hospitals



Technical courses in prevention and safety in plastic surgey

Ensure the success of your plastic surgery procedures with our Complication Prevention and Safety courses. Our highly specialized Florida law plastic surgeons will guide you through the best protocols and safety practices to minimize risk and maximize results. Enroll now and give your patients the peace of mind they deserve!


Leadership and managment for clinics

Leading a successful plastic surgery clinic is no easy task. Our specialized Leadership and Management courses provide you with the tools and skills necessary to run your clinic effectively and achieve sustainable growth. Our highly trained medical administrators will guide you through best practices in management, finance, and human resources. Sign up now and realize your business goals in the plastic surgery industry!


Marketing and development of successful clinics

 Stand out in the competitive world of plastic surgery with our specialized course in Marketing and Development of Successful Clinics. Learn from marketing and business strategy experts who will guide you through building a powerful brand, developing an effective marketing plan, and using digital tools to increase your online reach. Sign up now and start attracting and retaining patients while growing your clinic to new levels of success!.


Advanced techniques

Increase your skill in plastic surgery with our specialized course in Advanced Techniques. Learn from highly specialized surgeons in the most innovative and advanced techniques in the field of plastic surgery. From state-of-the-art techniques to highly specialized body contouring procedures, our course will prepare you to take your practice to the next level. Sign up now and become an expert in the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery!


Our company located in the heart of Miami

At the Miami International Institute of Plastic Surgery, a leader in its field and has achieved an exceptional reputation for its high-quality services and highly-trained staff. In addition to its world-class cosmetic and plastic surgery services, the clinic has also integrated a professional training institute for plastic surgeons and cosmetic professionals.

This training institute focuses on providing refresher courses in new techniques in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Courses are taught by world-renowned plastic surgeons and other industry experts. Training program participants have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and techniques in plastic surgery, and also have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge through hands-on training and live experience.

The clinic prides itself on offering modern, state-of-the-art facilities designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy for patients and students. Its professional and discreet staff is highly trained to provide exceptional service to patients around the world, and the clinic’s design has been designed to attract and please a discerning and elite clientele.

Our Team

Our mission at INP Surgery is to provide a first-class service that combines the most advanced cutting-edge techniques & technology, together with the medical expertise to deliver the best results to outpatients. Our objective approach to Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging Medicine is to deliver Medical & Aesthetic treatments with combined:

Rewarding | Successful | Natural | Safe | Results

Armando Pineda Velez M.D.

Company CEO

Newman P Urrea

General Manager

Dr. Juan Carlos Aicardi

Entrenador Alergan

Timothy Bradley M.D.

Senior Partner​

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